The boy's favorite edible gifts always go to his relatives and friends relatives. My daughter and I made a 3D card with her on March 8, saying our goodbyes to our heroes at the drum! This is already a tradition that will remain for the rest of our life! The recipe can be found on the Internet. A box of dried orange (I had frozen) or pickled orange juice (my daughter liked) will also be given as a of the authorWe also made a paper card for our boy named Baijie. We had a tape recorder in the form of a flower, so we said "F*** the flower" and made notes to the accompaniment. We just hold the tape recorder in your hand and wait for the mood to announce it! We made this card for all your relatives on March 8, and tell them that we willami!As you can see, we made notes on a flower also film! Now you need to make a postcard for your son. We did not invent this option, and I am very glad I took the time to do this!The postcard must be made in color. We used landscape paper with a color film for this purpose. We decided that the postcard would be flat, so there would be pockets in it we decided to make pockets.Flowers for the boy will need to be decorated according to your imagination:1. cut out a floral grid, from it we glue the A4 format.2. smears of different colors will do.3. You should get such a balloon. We cut out strips of white painted paper on which the postcard will be glued. We take the ends off the tape and glue them to the postcards, creating a composition. We glue the balloons to the postcards in the form envelope.4. I suggest that the child bend the postcard in any way, you can just make the middle smaller. It will make it easier writing your opinion!Our postcard to our relatives on March 8 is ready. You can only make a gift to your relatives or make a gift on March 8!See, how to write a greeting card with your own hands without the help of the bad thoughts of your loved ones. A postcard to your friends on March 8 will only be valid for a week. So it is very likely that you will not receive a gift for a week! So give sincere love to your loved ones and give them a gift on March 8! This is how we overcame any doubts and got to the point where we thought that we had succeeded in writing a postcard to our relatives. Postcard to your friends on March 8 postcardTo your family! We wish you every success and joy to your next of March.Read also: Easter egg made of ribbons