Treat your loved ones at the weekend with such an airy and flavorful dessert.Fun, of course, is not cheap, but believe me - it is worth it! Airy, delicate cream with mascarpone cheese, the aroma of fresh klubniki and biscuits with a hint of orange creates a unique taste.To prepare it, you must:cookies "Savoyardi", fat cream 33-35%, mascarpone cheese, strawberries, granulated sugar and salt. Mix everything thoroughly.Put the creamed cream on a hot pan, wait until the cream boils, turn the heat down. Cool completely.Then add the cream to the cream blender,mix and use his immersion blender, very high heat.After 2 minutes, add the cream to the cooled cream, mix and transfer to a chilled place. Wait until cream boils, it is possible to eat immediately.After the chocolate cake is eaten, it is best to do it in a cool, dark container. The marshmallow dessert is not only delicious, but also delicious for your loved ones.Put it on the table and give tea and biscuits to your favorite man.Bon Appetit!Did you like it?